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WHO is Enersave Cooling Solution?

• Enersave Cooling Solution (ECS) was established in year 2019.

VISION total Supply for most efficient energy, environmental friendly ventilation system, promoting Go Green by no pollution and no carbon to the environment with most economical air ventilation

MISSION total solution to customer on better working environment with lowest running cost in order to maximize the productivity under better ventilation environment.

SPECIALIZES in Air Cooling Ventilation systems which to transform the water to evaporate become cold air to make the envelopment cold and comfortable. We named it “Evaporative Cooling System” (ECS).

WHAT is Evaporative Cooling System?

• Evaporative Cooling System using special paper honeycomb structure material. Its working principle is the natural physical phenomenon of "water evaporates and absorbs heat".

• That is, water flows from top to bottom to form a water film on the corrugated fiber surface, the water film will absorb the heat in the air and evaporate to take away a large amount of Heat to reduces the temperature of the air passing through the pad to achieve the purpose of cooling with combination of Fan.

WHY need Evaporative Cooling System?

• Malaysia temperature from noon to evening is between 32”ę~ 36”ę, In order to offset the extreme temperatures affecting the internal environment which leading the low productivity due to uncomfortable working environment, air-conditioning is installed and directly increased the electricity charges.

• Sometime air-conditional system are not competitive, furthermore after sales servicing and maintenance cost are not competitive as well. There are also some wall-mounted or stand-up chillers, but the effectiveness does not reduce the temperature of the internal environment more efficiently than the ECS.

• The benefit of Evaporative Cooling System is that a large amount of air is moved through the water-saturated pad, and the resulting evaporation of water reduces the indoor temperature by 4”ęto 8”ęcomparing with outdoor. This cooling method provides reliable heat relief from stressing in hot weather.

• The cold air evaporative cooling system are suitable for all areas and provides the highest economic efficiency in the areas with higher temperatures for longer periods of time.

WHERE to install?

• The entire system most suitable to install in factory which having heats, odors, and dust generated by machine during operation.

• Example –Plastic Injection, Die Casting, Rubber Compression, Resin Compounding, Laser, Extrusion, Machining, Surface Finishing, Secondary Process, Assembly Room & Garment Factory.

• Besides the factory industry, ECS also suitable for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Poultry Farming, and Vertical Farming ( Aquaponics and Hydroponic ).

WHICH region are serve?

• Our service coverage area across Northern Region until Central Region. Local support are ready for installation, repairing and maintenance and available at these locations. Other than this, ECS also provide product warranty and after sales service to all customer.

HOW is the maintenance?

• Cooling Pad –Mixing specific solution with water and jetting on cooling pad.

• Water Tank –The dirt water will flow to water tank, just required flush out thru ready flushing system and replace with PBA water after tank cleaning.

• Ventilation Fan –Cleaning with cloth and lubrication oil on motor.

HOW Often for maintenance?

• Cooling Pad –3 months ~ 12 months ( Subject to environment )

• Water Tank –Monthly by simple SOP provided ( 5 ~ 10 minutes )

• Ventilation Fan –Yearly or more

HOW Long is the guarantee?

• Cooling Pad –2 Years

• Ventilation Fan –Motor 1 Year

• Water Pump –6 months

WHAT is the noise level (dB)?

• 70dB ~ 75dB

WHAT is the advantage?

• 95% of the dirty air in the factory exhausted as well since the fresh air circulation at 60 times / hour, indoor air can be renewed as soon as one minute.

• ECS allowing the air to circulate indoors and outdoors, increasing the oxygen content of the air. Greatly reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases and improve work efficiency!

• ECS has wide applicability, most of crowded places, large heat sources, or places prone to pollution and poor ventilation can play a significant effect, ECS can design corresponding systems according to their different environmentsit can blow air or extract air, and it is the best choice for cooling and ventilation in factory and crowded place.

WHAT type of water use in ECS?

• Only required PBA pipe water will do.

• Doesn’t need any chiller or compressor.

HOW do I determine the quantity of fan and cooling required to install?

• Space area x air flow required / Air volume of Fan
• ECS specialize will attend on site to evaluate the building structure and advise.
• Preliminary Design of building with ECS installation to be provide during quotation stage.

HOW is the electric consumption?

• Conservative only required 1/8 of air conditional electric consumption in same space area.

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